What, as a driver, am I required to do?

  1. Show up at the track with all required driver safety equipment (approved driver suit, helmet, gloves, etc.)
  2. Hold a current appropriate racing license.
  3. Register, pay any entry fees and associated charges.
  4. Enjoy yourself!

What happens if the car is damaged?

In the event the car is damaged in an on-track incident the driver is responsible for the repair of said damage regardless of fault. Repairs are billed at cost of parts required and a $60/hr labor rate.

What if the car has a mechanical failure not related to an on-track incident?

If the failure causes you to miss a scheduled on-track session, or a portion of a session, the daily rental rate will prorated to reflect lost track time.

How do I reserve a car for an event?

Contact us at 810-441-9608. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.