What is Arrive and Drive?

“Arrive and Drive” is just what it says; you arrive at the race track and get the complete racing experience with a race-ready spec Miata race car. We take care of everything else so all you have to do is enjoy your race experience without any of the headaches.

Why Arrive and Drive?

Are you busy with work and day to day living? Not particularly fond of wrenching on a car in your free time? New to the sport and haven’t decided which car/class you’d like to race? If any of these apply then arrive and drive might just be a suitable alternative for you.

What you need to know

From beginners to seasoned veterans, the Spec Miata class has a place for you. The combination of excellent handling, rock solid reliability and large car counts at sanctioned events ensures you’ll always find drivers at your own skill level.

Spec Miata

In order to drive you will need:

A SCCA/NASA competition license. If you don’t already have a competition license we will provide a car for you to use at a sanctioned drivers school.  An approved fire suit, racing shoes, gloves, HANS device and helmet at minimum. We do not provide these items.  SCCA rules state a driver must be at least 16 years of age.

Check with your current insurance carrier to make sure your covered in the event of a mishap. No coverage is required for the car. The renter/driver is responsible for any damage that occurs on track.

You must be familiar with flagging, racing etiquette and paddock rules as well as any other track specific rules where your are racing.

Our cars are equipped with video recording systems and real time lap time displays so you can see where improvements in driving and car handling might be made.