Schedule & Pricing


The posted schedule reflects the SCCA and NASA sanctioned events we plan on supporting, as well as the Waterford events (WHRRI).

We will support other events not listed below such as open track days, practice days and select NASA events. Please contact us to verify availability.

April 12-14VIRMajor (HST)SCCA
April 27-28WaterfordDriver SchoolWHRRI
May 4-5WaterfordRace Weekend 1WHRRI
May 11-12VIRRegionalSCCA
May 18-19GingermanMajorSCCA
May 25-26WaterfordRace Weekend 2 WHRRI
May 31 – June 2Mid OhioMajor (HST)SCCA
June 9-10WaterfordRace Weekend 2 WHRRI
June 12-14Road AmericaMajor (HST)SCCA
June 22-23GrattanRegionalNASA
June 29-30WaterfordRace Weekend 3 WHRRI
July 13-14Mid OhioRegionalSCCA
July 13-14Road AmericaMajorSCCA
July 20-21GingermanRegionalSCCA
August 3-4Mid OhioRegionalSCCA
August 3-4WaterfordRace Weekend 4WHRRI
August 9-11GrattanMajorSCCA
August 10-11AutobahnTCCNASA
August 17-18Road AmericaRegionalSCCA
August 23-25Mid OhioBMNASA
August 31 – Sept 1WaterfordRace Weekend 5WHRRI
September 8-9WaterfordRace Weekend 6WHRRI
October 5-6AutobahnNLNASA
October 8-13VIRSCCA Run-OffsSCCA
October 26-27Mid-OhioRegionalSCCA


FasTrac offers simple pricing. Call us if you have any questions. Discounts are also offered for multiple event rental packages.

$850/day + TransportSpec Miata
$950/day + TransportSpec Miata
+ AiM MXM datalogger and smarty cam.

The video below shows the AiM datalogger in action collecting braking and throttle data, G-forces and more. These serve as excellent driver aids and even better driver coaching tools to help you improve your lap times and skill level.